PilotLog is available in three versions:
  • Pro
  • Lite
  • Dormant
The free trial is the same as the Pro account, except that it will expire unless you choose to subscribe at the end of your trial.

The Lite subscription option is intended for private pilots, student pilots, etc. As such, it is restricted to aircraft up to 7500kg. It does not include advanced functions such as duty hours recording or roster import, as these should only be required by professional pilots.

It is possible to upgrade a Lite account to a Pro account if, for example, you progress from being a student pilot to a professional pilot.

If you require read-only access to your log, for example if you are not flying due to illness or retirement, you can use our Dormant account option. Do not select this option if you need to make changes to your log or add new flights. Your log will be frozen in it's current state, fully accessible both online and using our free mobile apps. Dormant accounts can be reactivated by switching back to a Pro or Lite subscription.

Automatic calculations of day/night, distance, etc. Yes Yes
Online worldwide access Yes Yes
Accessible via smartphone web browser Yes Yes
Regular data backup Yes Yes
FREE iOS and Android apps Yes Yes
No upgrade costs for updates to the program Yes Yes
Hours totals by aircraft type Yes Yes
Hours charts Yes Yes
Print your log to PDF file in standard format Yes Yes
Download your log as a spreadsheet (CSV) Yes Yes
Customise your log to store any data you wish Yes Yes
Unrestricted number of flights Yes Yes
Recency monitoring Yes Yes
Expiries monitoring with optional email alerts Yes Yes
Monthly or Annual payment options Yes Yes
Import airline roster Yes Not Available
Duty log with automatic calculations Yes Not Available
Flights with aircraft over 7500kg Yes Not Available
Autoland recording Yes Not Available
Extra crew names (heavy pilots, senior cabin crew) Yes Not Available
Planned flight times and early/late calculations Yes Not Available
Monthly Subscription (GBP) 4.99 1.99
Annual Subscription (GBP) 49.99 19.99