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Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I've forgotten my password!
Click 'Login', then 'Forgotten Password' to reset your password.
What is the difference between a Pro and Lite account?
See this page for information.
What does it cost?
We offer the choice of monthly payment, at GBP 4.99 per month, or a discounted annual rate of GBP 49.99 per year. Our Lite option costs just GBP 1.99 per month or GBP 19.99 per year. Before comparing our charges with other programs, remember that you are paying not just for the log book program, but also the backup and data security that comes with our online service. Our offline programs for the iPhone, PDA's, laptops and mobile phones are free to all customers (trial accounts included). We do not charge extra for product upgrades; new features are automatically available when you next log in and there is nothing to install on your computer. We also pride ourselves on our prompt and personal customer service.
Is it worth it?
Of course we think so! However, see our customer comments page for an independent opinion... Hundreds of pilots believe that we charge a fair or low price for the service we provide.
I cannot open a ZIP file on my Mac.
This is a known problem with Safari. If you look in your Downloads folder in Finder, you should see the file. If it will not extract when you double-click it, try using a third-party extraction utility such as The Unarchiver - see our downloads page.
Do you support the iPhone?
Yes! We have an app on the App Store - PilotLog - that you can download for free. This will allow you to edit your log without an internet connection, for example roaming overseas. You can also access your log online using the Safari browser.
What about the iPad?
Yes, our iPhone app is fully optimised for the iPad as well!
Do you support Android?
Yes, you can download our free offline app from Google Play.
Can I access my log book from my mobile phone?
Yes, you can view your log online on a mobile, via Note that mobile network providers may charge you to access the internet, particularly if you are roaming overseas.
Will it work with my browser?
PilotLog is fully tested on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. The intent is that it will work on any browser - very old versions may struggle with layout, but the program should still be usable. If possible (i.e. if it's your computer we're talking about), it is recommended to upgrade to the latest browser version as this will bring security benefits as well as better compatibility.
Is it Mac/Linux compatible?
Yes. As PilotLog runs on an internet server, any Mac/Linux computer with internet access can use it in exactly the same way as a PC.
Can I log in without going to the PilotLog home page first?
Yes, just log in once, then add the log page to your favourites. The link will then take you directly to your log book, asking you to log in each time. If using another computer, you can log in directly by typing '' into the browser.
Do I have to be connected to the Internet?
Although PilotLog is an online system, we offer offline apps for your mobile phone or tablet which you can use to enter and edit flights while away from an internet connection. You don't get the full power of the online system, but it will allow you to view your log and keep it up to date.
Is my data secure?
Your data is protected by your password, and can only be accessed by other people according to our terms & conditions. We offer an encrypted connection (HTTPS) to our server for increased security. Data is backed up by our third-party server operators, and also by MJICCS at a separate location on a regular basis. Additionally, you can download a complete copy of your log. With all three backups in place, the probability of losing your data is very small.
What if I accidentally delete some data?
We can restore old data from a backup - either your download or an MJICCS backup - on request.
What if I decide to cancel my membership?
During your free trial period, you do not need to do anything. We will send an e-mail as your trial is ending, reminding you that you need to subscribe to continue using the service. If you do not subscribe, then your account will be cancelled automatically. You do not agree to any payments during the trial period, so there is no agreement to cancel. If you wish to cancel after subscribing, you can either contact us with your request, or simply cancel your subscription payments. In either case, your account will be terminated and you will make no further payments (unless you owe outstanding amounts for additional services such as backup restoration). If you have paid an annual subscription, you may receive a partial refund in accordance with our terms & conditions.
Can you add a feature to the PilotLog program?
Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions. All requests will be considered, and implemented if thought to be both practical, and to the benefit of the majority of users.